Camping Minigolf Tournament – Win Glamping at a Penthouse for your team and more…

Competitive spirit is rising at Camping! For those looking for even more mini golf fun, we are developing a Minigolf Tournament at Camping Aaen, in Aarhus and Camping Kødbyen, in Copenhagen!

The event will take place on a Tuesday, 7. March, staring 6 PM.

Come with your friends in groups up to 6 people and compete for the ultimate prize.

First, you will be able to practise with your friends or colleagues. Choose a winner of your team to send him or her out to the finals to win something for all of you – so choose wisely! Final round starts at 8 PM.

And now for the curious – what’s in it for you?

If you’re the best of the best, you will win a glamping experience for your entire team at surf centre Lynæs and more!

Don’t despair. If you come second or third there will be awesome packs ready for your group too!

And that’s not all! Drum roll please…

Everyone joining will get a surprise at the end of the day. Join us by registering your team today!