New Menu coming to Camping in 2023

New Year, fresh start! We are adding a selection of non-alcoholic cocktails in January too for those with great New Year resolutions! Or for those enjoying the low to no alcohol lives, or simply for the curious ones. 

Our most loved burgers by ‘Cocks & Cows’ are not going anywhere. You’ll find the classic Cheese n Smoke burger, and delicious options for vegetarians and vegans on our menu. In January, we add a new additional heart-breaker for your choosing – The Southern Fried Chicken Burger Menu. Organic brioche bun baked by Emmery’s, fried chicken, hot sauce, coleslaw and blue cheese mayo. Hungry yet?

All our burgers are served with our signature twister fries and Cocks mayo for dipping.

And that’s just a taste of what’s coming… Join us at Camping throughout 2023 to find out what more do we offer. Or sign up to our newsletter here