Finger-licking Street Food Menu Now in Camping BOOK1 👅

Did you hear? Delicious bowls available at Camping BOOK! 🥣 Choose from 5 different options to get your belly full.

Mexican inspired chilli with beans, spices & 70% dark chocolate and smoked bacon for the Danish touch.

Vietnamese Mint Chicken with carrots & chilli flakes sauteed in fish & soy sauce.

Korean Beef Bulgogi with mushrooms, sesame seeds & chilli flakes.

Filipino BBQ Pork minced with carrots sauteed in sweet and savoury BBQ sauce.

Mexican inspired chilli with vegetable of the day, beans, spices & 70% dark chocolate.
All served with a chunky Wasacaca salsa, rice and tortilla chips. Topped with Crème fraiche & Sweet corn cheese dip. As well as bottomless salsa bar!