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Kødbyen Camping

Kødbyen Camping

'Drop-In' bar mini golf course in Copenhagen.

Minigolf prices

Sun - Wed: 60 kr

Thurs - Sat: 80 kr

NB: Age limit 18+ after 6pm

Opening hours

Mon - Thurs: 15 – 23
Fri – Sat: 12 – 23
Sun: 12 – 20

Events can be booked inside and outside opening hours

No reservation needed

At Camping you just drop in like in any other bar. As we're an activity and do not require advance reservations, we can register you at the bar before you play.

Cocktail Trans

Mad og drikke:

Drinks: We are a bar and have everything a bar needs

Food: Burgers, fries & everything nice from Cocks & Cows

Camping classics like popcorn, slush ice & chips.

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Minigolf is usually not booked in advance. We encourage you to just drop by, because we've always got space for more golfers.

Our delicious burgers from Cocks & Cows can be eaten handheld while you play. If you'd like to sit down and enjoy your meal, you can shoot us an email below and we'll make sure there's a table for you.

If you're looking to come by with a larger group and maybe even rent the space for a birthday party, teambuilding, a company party and any other sort of private event, write us an email and we'll find a solution tailored to your needs.


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1400x1000 Banekort Kobenhavn2


Kødbyen Camping Kødboderne 9 1711 København E: kodbyen@camping.bar