Frequently Asked Questions

What is Camping? And why is there no Camping? Here you can find answers to all your burning questions!
Do I need a reservation or book ahead to visit Camping?
As a smaller group you are not able to book at Camping. You can always drop by and get your game on! Bookings are open from 8+ persons in Copenhagen, 6+ at Aaen, 8+ at Book1 and 4+ in Malmö. We only book 50% of our capacity so we always have space for walk-ins.
What if I can’t book minigolf for a specific date and time?
We only take bookings to fill 50% of our capacity, therefore you can always drop in to play. Or if you want a guarantee choose a different time.
What am I booking when I make a reservation?
It is important to know you are not booking a whole Camping or the individual lanes for the time of your booking. You are reserving the minigolf clubs and ball with which you will be able to play during the time of your booking.
What if I want to plan a special event in Camping?
Just contact Camping directly on email depending on the unit where your event should be held or contact us in the form below.
Do you have gift cards?
Yes, we do! Contact us on email and we’ll sort it out for you. Gift cards are not accepted at Camping BOOK 1.

Still have more questions?

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